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Artigo comentado – Future developments in brain-machine interface research

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Neuroprosthetic devices based on brain-machine interface technology hold promise for the restoration of bodymobility in patients suffering from devastating motor deficits caused by brain injury, neurologic diseases and limbloss. During the last decade, considerable progress has been achieved in this multidisciplinary research, mainly in thebrain-machine interface that enacts upper-limb functionality. However, a considerable number of problems need tobe resolved before fully functional limb neuroprostheses can be built. To move towards developing neuroprostheticdevices for humans, brain-machine interface research has to address a number of issues related to improving thequality of neuronal recordings, achieving stable, long-term performance, and extending the brain-machineinterface approach to a broad range of motor and sensory functions. Here, we review the future steps that are partof the strategic plan of the Duke University Center for Neuroengineering, and its partners, the Brazilian NationalInstitute of Brain-Machine Interfaces and the E´ cole Polytechnique Fe´ de´rale de Lausanne (EPFL) Center forNeuroprosthetics, to bring this new technology to clinical fruition.


KEYWORDS: Brain-machine interface; Neuroprosthetic; Primate; Bipedal locomotion; Intracortical microstimulation;Sensory substitution.


Lebedev MA, Tate AJ, Hanson TL, Li Z, O’Doherty JE, Winans JA, Ifft PJ, Zhuang KZ, Fitzsimmons NA, Schwarz DA, Fuller AM, An JH, Nicolelis MAL. Futuredevelopments in brain-machine interface research. Clinics. 2011;66(S1):25-32.

Received for publication on January 28, 2011; Accepted for publicaiton on January 30, 2011


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